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Here is a new podcast on ideal, nonideal, and critical social ontology where I discuss some currrent themes together with Johan Brännmark, Stina Björkholm, and Olle Risberg (in Swedish).

Filosofisk podcast, avsnitt 15: Social ontologi


I det femtonde avsnittet av Filosofisk podcast gästas podden av Åsa Burman och Johan Brännmark som pratar om social ontologi. Hur ska vi förstå den sociala verkligheten? Vilka metoder bör filosofer använda sig av när de teoretiserar kring sociala entiteter och fenomen? Och vilka frågor dominerar fältet idag?


Podden finns där poddar finns och kan bland annat höras här:





Thanks to Sandro Guli and Miguel Garcia-Godinez for writing their respective reviews of my book! I am grateful for their time and effort and for the interesting and insightful objections regarding economic class, social power and my claim that collective intentionality is not necessary for the existence of institutions.

You can find the review "The ideal in nonideal social ontology" in Analysis by Miguel Garcia-Godinez here and Sandro Guli's book review in The Philosophical Quarterly here.

I will return and reply to these and other comments on the book after the next author meets critics session (the Eastern APA in January 2024).

The communications office at Stockholm University just released a movie about my new book Nonideal Social Ontology: The Power View. The movie is also featured on New Work in Philosophy's Youtube Channel.

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